Vultures Warn

USAID is a government tool responsible to enhance the life quality in developing countries. After extensive research in Peru, we noticed that there are a lot of illegal dumping areas causing a massive increase in infectious diseases. 

Digital Platform  ·  Education  ·  Health  ·  2016

We knew that to change this behavior we will need a powerful idea strong enough to call Peruvians attention and encourage them to change.

·  USAID presents ·  

·  Insight  ·  

Vultures are the guardians of nature, they eat organic garbage every day, cleaning the environment with their own stomach. Their flights report dirty areas, the storytelling for the campaign was in the sky.



·  User Flow ·  Mobile · 

The design team developed different characters for each vulture, enhancing the engagement of Peruvians with the storytelling of the campaign.

·  Prints by Pietro Soldi ·  

Through distinct media, we invited Peruvians to be land vultures and protect their environment by reporting illegal dumping areas and volunteering themselves to the movement.

·  Results  ·  

·  Awards  ·  

Bronce Lion PR – Cannes 2016

Shortlist Media – Cannes 2016

Shortlist Innovation – OneShow 2017

Shortlist UX – OneShow 2017

Gold Branded Content – IAB Digi Awards 2016

Gold Social Responsibility – IAB Digi Awards 2016

Gold Best Digital Campaign – IAB Digi Awards 2016


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