Virgin Mobile
New Packaging

Vinicius Pineschi

Yvan Mejia


Art Director

UX Designer

FCB Mayo

In 2017, Virgin Mobile decided to launch the brand in Perú. Therefore, betting to reach the teenager’s segment, the marketing team was ready to disrupt the way of communicating.

User: Prepaid clients – Teenagers

In South America, it is really common to see teenagers using prepaid service in their smartphones because they cannot afford to pay bills every month, so they prefer to top-up their devices according to the use of it.

The Opportunity:

During our investigation, we found out that a high percentage of the target were unhappy with their telecom company. Consequently, the lines in front of competitors´ stores were huge. The feeling of being cheated by different brands was increasing such as the number of small letters contracts and SMS trap techniques



Show people that Virgin Mobile´s customers can enjoy their smartphone without being scared of unexpected surprises in the next days.


New Packaging









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